Anthony Robbins’ advice based on Timothy Ferriss’ book The Tools of the Giants, is to practice morning meditation daily for you to be able to positively change your life .

As soon as he wakes up, Tony Robbins starts his day with guided meditation to prepare for the day. “If you want a top-notch life, you have to prepare for it every day”, He said.

Morning Meditation: The Secret Of A Good Day

meditation early in the morning
Man meditating during golden hour.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? snooze the alarm clock and go back to sleep? Make a cup of coffee? Thinking about your to-do list for the day? Throw yourself in a cold shower to refresh your mind?

Why not try something different? Something that will give you the perfect boost to face your day with clarity and enthusiasm, something that will fully charge your energy levels.

Even if you wake up tired and foggy, just 10 minutes of meditation in the first hour of the morning will do you a lot of good. The morning meditation will set the tone for your day, while keeping you focused, optimistic and at peace with yourself. Stress will be kept at a safe distance. You will also choose healthier food choices, eliminate the tensions of the previous day and make sure you get better sleep the next night.

Including morning meditation as a habit in your life can change your life in a positive way, but it may take a little effort to do it!

8 Benefits Of Morning Meditation

morning meditation benefits
Meditating early in the morning help you jump start your day in the right direction.

1. More efficient exercise sessions

Morning meditation is a great way to increase energy during training. In addition, your workout will seem much enjoyable if you are well rested and less stressed, an indirect consequence of meditation practice.

3. Morning meditation: your new cup of coffee!

Meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers a state of deep relaxation during practice. So, even if you wake up tired, after 20 minutes of guided meditation, you will get energizing endorphins that will help you kickstart your day without having to rely solely on caffeine!

4. You activate your “antispam” mental filter

The brain can be compared to a mailbox. If it is devoid of spam filters, then we fall into the “busy mind” mode!

Imagine if your mailbox didn’t have a spam filter, and for every relevant message, you had to screen hundreds of messages related to money scams, Viagra and inkjet printer cartridges. Meditation helps to filter the internal and external “noise” and negative narratives that can sabotage our perceptual sharpness.

5. You will be prepared to handle any situation.

Meditation will be astonishing to you, you will find yourself facing unexpected situations in a relaxed way. A traffic jam? No problem. Someone honks at you in a parking lot? It’s all right. You’re zen and nothing will spoil your day. Meditation has also been shown to increase the ability to do several tasks at once and make any practitioner a better car driver.

6. You fight stress.

Meditation is to stress what kryptonite is to Clark Kent, with the associated side effects, such as increased mood and happiness levels, better sleep and more creativity. If there was a perfect solution to dissolve stress, it would be daily meditation!

7. You’re going to eat healthier

Many studies have shown that when you are stressed or sleep-deprived, you tend to eat unhealthy foods. After taking part in guided meditations, we discover that the cravings for cakes or sweets dissipate and are replaced by a desire for healthier foods that the body will find it easier to digest and transform into fuel.

8. You will be less prone to headaches

Although meditation is not a substitute for medical treatment, it has been shown to reduce the pain associated with headaches, making it an ideal complement to more traditional approaches to health and well-being. I had frequent headaches 5 years ago, and they only disappeared when I changed my diet and started meditating.

Meditation In The Morning : Tips to Succeed Your Meditation Practice

tips for morning meditation

Now that we have seen the most salient benefits of practicing meditation in the morning, let’s now look at how to put all the chances on your side to make it a habit in your life.

Start by setting up a space in your home for meditation only. Make it your favourite place, your small sanctuary, your haven of peace. Make a pact with yourself. Say you’ll come here every morning, no matter what. It may take a little time and patience to build your practice. Do it continuously for, say, 40 days.

Try to go to bed early so that you get at least seven hours of sleep. Too much or too little sleep can interfere with morning meditation.

If you are in the grip of the morning blues, you might consider meditation as another burden. You might think of meditation as one more thing to do rather than benefit from it. However, morning meditation is a perfect antidote for the morning blues. Let go of your resistance and focus on all the amazing ways that meditation can benefit you.

Mornings can be an extremely busy time for most people. Preparing for work, getting yourself ready for the day – it seems really intimidating to add meditation to an already long list of routines. In fact, meditation can help you to enjoy a busy morning. Starting the day in a calm and relaxed state can help you do more in a shorter period of time.

Although it is ideal to meditate in a quiet place, it is not always possible to do so. Most of us lead hectic lives in noisy/populated places. To meditate in a shared environment, ignore the noise around you. Don’t resist the noise, accept it instead. Then take a breath, breathing slowly and deeply.

Sometimes noise can be internal and not external. You may be sitting in a quiet place, but the thoughts in your head can distract you. Again, don’t resist your thoughts. Observe them, then return to your breathing and focus on it.

Finally, it has been scientifically proven that the body reacts to natural sunlight and benefits from it in more than one way. See if you can expose yourself to some natural sunlight when you meditate in the morning.

3 Free Guided Morning Meditation

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