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Why is Emotional Eating Harmful?

emotional eating harmful effects

We are not always very good at deciphering, managing and moderating our emotions. When we have a bad feeling or a moment of stress, the thought of reaching for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips can be comforting.

But this is a sign of emotional eating, which can become a bigger problem than the one you’re trying to escape through the comfort of food.

Meditation For Pain Relief

While meditation is known to provide access to a form of mental well-being, it is also effective in reducing physical discomfort, such as chronic pain. In fact, a significant volume of published research demonstrates that mindfulness meditation can be more effective than cognitive-behavioural therapies with chronic pain relief. So, how is meditation for pain reduction works? And how can you apply it to alleviate physical suffering in your daily life?

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation is a practice that has become increasingly popular in the West. Although its origins lie in certain religious and philosophical traditions of Asia, it is a practice that is useful and beneficial to anyone in any situation. But how does one learn to meditate? Luckily, there are many meditation techniques for beginners which are great if this is your first time trying to meditate.

When is The Best Time To Meditate?

For beginners or even intermediate meditators, questions like “When’s the best time to meditate?” are common particularly for people who want to get out from their practice the most that they can. Indeed, many people get stuck on how, but also when to start meditating. And although people tend to develop their own preferred ways to meditate, there are some helpful pointers to start with.